Our Story

Down to Earth, Delicious NUTRITIOUS Food for Your Well-Being.

Founded Tast Eatery (2007), Mood Food (2017) is the original all natural food place in northern NJ, and the first to source ingredients responsibly. We partnered with sustainable farmers to promote simple and honest nutrition that benefits our community. With the success of Tast Eatery, we opened our sister branch in 2013, Mood'wiches.....with even more yumminess to follow!


Our menu includes:

-100% pasture raised red meat (no grain ever)

-free range poultry and eggs

-wild salmon, when in season

-wild shrimp, with no preservatives

-organic quinoa

-green juice smoothies

-cold pressed juices

-baked goods made with organic unbromated flour

-gluten free and sugar free baked goods


We believe that by simply tweaking your diet one meal at a time, the way you eat can help you look better, think better and feel better. GOOD FOOD = GOOD MOOD

We’re not just following fad diets or counting calories, but putting together everyday meals amped up with FUEL! In this fast-food culture, we want you to know that you can eat healthy and enjoy your food too. You don't have to be a health fanatic to be able to eat and feel good. See below for all that we offer!