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Cows were meant to eat grass

The debate as been ongoing: is grass fed beef better for you?We think it depends on your health goals: eating clean, losing weight, boosting immunity? We all have different nutritional goals.

Reserach shows that grass fed beef is abundant in Vitamins E, B12, B6, Selenium, Iron and Zinc. and has less fat/calories. It is also higher in antioxidants than grain fed beef.According to Web MD, "...grass fed beef has as much as five times the amount of omega-3 fatty acids as regular grain fed beef." The lower saturated fat content is comparative to skinless chicken, which reduces risk of heart disease. But that doesn't mean go out and support a daily burger habit! Eating high amounts of red meat in general is not good for the colon and cholesterol.

Here is the breakdown:

Heart healthy carnivores: Eat grass fed beef on occasion, chicken and turkey more. Go vegetarian occasionally.

Clean + Green: Grass fed is better for the planet and the cows. Mood Food only sources from sustainable farms.

Weight loss: Add a burger to your favorite salad instead, like the Feelin' Super burger salad. It satisfies that craving, tastes amazing and fiber, without empty calories.

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