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Is your weight loss good for you?

Is your overall health being neglected while you beautify your body? Although it is true that your weight may be an indication of health problems, losing weight quickly may not give you the long-term benefits of feeling strong and fit. We all want to look great for our next IG post, but if you're snacking on ultra-processed foods (foods high in refined carbs, sugar and trans fats) and then running to the gym to burn it off, it's time to reconsider your health regimen.

Be kind to yourself! Next time, grab a green NV or the Stud smoothie next time instead of a sweetened fruit smoothie (or slurpee :/) or a Power Brownie instead of a Snickers. Are you addicted to the fast food drive thru? Throw in the Eve's Temptation with flank steak, or better yet with chicken, to mix it up. Reward yourself with the sweets when you've reached a milestone. Mood Food is here for your strong days, your weak days and everything in-between.


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