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Sugar: Friend and Foe

We all know it. Sugar is bad, but oh soo good. Nothing tastes as good as your favorite dessert, especially if you need a pick-me-up, are stress craving or socializing over cake. There are lots of great feelings associated with sweet treats. And we're not here to tell you to stop eating sugar, although we do encourage a life of realistic health goals. Mood Food is dedicated to a lifelong commitment to healthy living, which doesn't include depriving yourself constantly. Instead, we promote mindful awareness about what you put in your body.

We know all of the consequences: weight gain, insulin resistance, blood sugar spikes, moodiness. The list goes on and on. But the reality is that many of us have cravings and sometimes uncontrollably. Most experts would agree that it's better to give into your cravings within reason because ignoring them could lead to a binge disaster later on. But we've all gotten to that point when too much is too much. Take control. Choose your treats with intention. One day you might be jonesing for a Moodie Cookie and others, you're fit and laser-focused so a Power Brownie is the perfect energizing snack.

We are real people. We sell baked goods with sugar in it. That's a fact. But we also only use organic unbromated flour, and a selection of our Mood Baked goods are sweetened with just maple syrup or honey. We don't ever use artificial sweeteners...Our offerings are for your choosing, whether you feel like a Maple Pecan scone, Paleo Banana Bread or a Gluten Free Powerhouse Cookie. There's something for you at any point in your health and wellness journey. Just remember to be kind to yourself :)


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