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Hangover Remedies... Skip the Hair O' the Dog

Have a little too much to drink this holiday season? Resist that Bloody Mary! Here's what studies say about relieving that rough morning after.

Not only can ginger relieve hangover symptoms such as nausea and indigestion, but it may also protect against alcohol-induced liver damage. Studies also suggest that L-cysteine — a type of amino acid found in eggs, yogurt, and oats — may be beneficial, as well as eating more zinc-rich foods — such as nuts, seeds, eggs, dairy products, and whole grains. If you can manage an appetite, eating a good breakfast will regulate your blood sugar levels and help to soothe some discomfort.

Don't get up. Order online and grab a Mood-made oatmeal or Greek yogurt at the start of the day (add banana, chia, and nuts for an extra boost). Or a Re-Vitalize Omelette "Wich on multigrain could settle those shaky woes. We open at 7am btw 😉. Order now to ease your pain...

Mood also carries a wide range of ginger products. Our ginger juice is cold pressed in-house and potent!

Available in:

Soothing Ginger Tea and shots

Icey Ginger Tea

Sunny Ginger-Aid

Really Ginger Soda

Bottled Ginger Lemonade

Bottled Ginger shots


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