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Food is Mood

Founded in Fort Lee, NJ in 2007, Mood Food has been committed to carefully selecting our ingredients  for optimally nutritious meals. We’ve visited with farmers and nutritionists, gaining knowledge to better serve the health of our customers. Responsible farming and economic sense are also among our priorities. Rather than following food and health trends, we regularly re-evaluate our menu, vendors and food philosophy.


Mood-made dishes are packed with nourishment because of the way our ingredients are grown, produced and prepared. You won't find artificial additives, preservatives or hormones in our made-from-scratch meals.  And they're mood-focused to fuel your body for a workout or busy day. We believe the foundation to a healthy lifestyle is eating properly prepared, nutrient-dense food and being active. Read more about our Mood Philosophy here.

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ingredients and tips on healthy living:

Mood Boosting Salads

Mood Soothing Bowls

Good Mood' Wiches

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22MF1597_HOTNDIRTY_18265 copy.png
1336MF_227_holyshit_moodwich copy.png

Organic veggies, free range, grass fed and wild caught proteins with homemade dressings.

Nourishing bowls and toppings, mood-made from scratch

Free of bromate, antibiotics, hormones and artificial anything.*

Guilt Free Burgers

Power Breakfasts

Mood Baked

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100% Grass Fed Burgers that indulge your cravings without the heaviness.

Breakfast bowls and sandwiches made with free range eggs and hearty toppings.

We only use organic unbromated flour.

Gluten free options available.

Clean Smoothies + Mood Juice

Caffeine Fix

Healing Tonics + Teas

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Pure cold pressed juices and smoothies made with fresh fruits and organic veggies

Organic Coffee made with your choice of hormone-free milk or plant-based milks.

Shroom lattes, ginger tonics and homebrewed teas.

*Some conventional sourced condiments such as ketchup and mayo will have additives.

We Feel Your Vibes

When you're rushing to your workout and wondering when you're going to eat, we've got you covered. Having a busy life doesn't mean you have to sacrifice whole foods that taste amazing and leave you feeling energized.

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Check out our Mood Moves Community!

Have you been eating healthier but still need a fitness routine? Are you shy about joining a gym or studio or just want to check out a different kind of workout? Our page introduces you to the many opportunities in our neighborhood to get you moving. Mood Foodies get exclusive discounts with our partners.

We are currently adding to our directory of local businesses in the wellness community. If you are interested in partnering with us please contact

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Join us by becoming a Moodie Foodie and get points towards freebies! Inquire in-store or order online to be automatically enrolled.


Catering to Your Mood

We offer a casual catering spread for office parties and events. Order online or contact us for more information at

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